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VOLUNTEER:You will need to budget an estimated $1100.00 plus miscellaneous costs associated with passport, vaccinations, etc



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Operation Honduras is a group of Northeast Pennsylvania volunteers who travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, annually.The week long annual trips are dedicated to improving the quality of life of orphans and other people living in that area. Success of the trips is made possible through the help of in-country volunteers. Generous sponsors of this group include: local churches; including Wyoming Valley Presbyterian Church, Church of Christ Uniting, local clubs including Rotary, and many individuals. Volunteers regularly travel to the work sites prior to main group arrival for planning purposes.

James Davenport

Operation Honduras 

ophonduras@aol.com .


gift of sight

Operation Honduras "OH" Volunteers & Supporters:

Thank God! for the successful November 5-7, 2018 GIFT OF SOUND to Honduras where 1287 needy patients received free hearing aids.  Please see operationhonduras.com for photos.  Thanks to many of you including 'Angel Sponsors': Vasanth Prabhu, Ted Gacomis, P.E., Carol & John Johnson, John Griffiths and Andrew Davenport we added to the 10,000+ Hondurans previously fitted with hearing aids thru OH.  Thank you! traveling volunteers: Toni 'the nurse' Hill, Vasanth, Matt Petlock, Christof, Todd Davenport & Tory Buckley. Thank you! ROTARY, WYOMING VALLEY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH & PRESBYTERY OF LACKAWANNA, 
Its always the mothers that get me; our first hearing aid patient was a little boy with many needs.  After much work by the fitters, he beamed a smile when he finally could hear-maybe for the first time in his life.  His mother shed tears of joy that her boy can now enjoy a new world.  Im a very simply volunteer.  I just think if he were one of my 3 boys how much Id appreciate our help.  God is good!  An early Christmas present was received by recipients and ALL OH volunteers.  And we must keep trying to help "as many as we can for as long as we can"!  Lets begin with:

February 14-21, 2019 NEW SCHOOL BY THE LANDFILL:

We met 2 representatives from Grace Honduras in Teguc. during most recent GOS.  Vasanth, who is wiser, smarter, and more giving than I am, almost instantly pledged support for this new school pictured below.  Im notifying Grace Honduras by this email that we can commit to a minimum $14,000 of the proposed $28,500 budget and our funds will be used exclusively for materials to build the concrete pad, walls and roof.  Our construction team will work there during our upcoming February trip.  Their website is:  www.gracehonduras.org .  They currently use outdoor classrooms; when it rains they try as best they can to hold indoor classes in a small donated office building, shown in website.  Our proposed building would be on a nice flat piece of ground behind it.

Im asking our Ted Gacomis, P.E. and Rick Hill by this email to review above drawing.  Im asking Billy King by this email to coordinate the pouring of the pad during his upcoming December 2, 2018 trip to SPS.  Billy King: how can i get you $1000 for miscellaneous material expenses prior to departure?  I plan to wire Christof $3,000 that will hopefully cover the concrete pad to be poured ONLY under Mr. Kings supervision.  I love and trust everybody:)  Billy will hold the money..if hes not happy..stop the pour!  We want the pad square, reinforced and done to best standards..period.  Mr. King with WONDERFUL wife Tesla can do that.  And Ted or others can make design changes, other than plumbing drains in bathrooms, after the pour.  The reason for 6 stalls, I believe, is most of the 800 residents this building serves dont have bathing facilities.  This will serve as a community building and benefit the environment.  I dont see a mens/ladies entrance or partition.  We need a NEW bathroom design that has a separate mens and ladies room entrance, partition, and as many shower & commode stalls as we can fit prior to pour, they asked for minimum 2 bathrooms and 1 shower for each.   Id prefer doors offset to a side rather than middle to save space, BIG windows and fans for ventilation, and "teds boys"-our new nickname for Teds/habitat for humanity? inspired earthquake resistant rebar reinforced columns/structure.

I personally, and maybe selfishly, hesitated on this project given our very expensive and labor intensive commitments to: Gift of Sound, Gift of Sight, these 2 alone have successfully helped more than 15,000!!, new wells in Tocoa, free oral surgery, commitments to some of our 20+ building and associated projects already erected and so much more.  Katherine told Vasanth and I a story about how she took several children to her home for a "vacation".  She proudly served them a home cooked meal; then asked, "why aren't you eating?".  They told her "theres no worms in it".  They are so used to rotten food they thought there was something wrong with a freshly made meal.  This got to us.  Lets try our best.     

Feb 14-21, 2019 GIFT OF SIGHT: I just wired $1200 to our best friends in Tocoa, delivered monies to Christof (please dont get mad..but thank you!! Ted) and Angela to pay for eye exams in Concepcion, San Pedro Sula, and Tegucigalpa, respectively.  Thank God! again for ESSILOR FOUNDATION, CAPRI OPTICS and for Vasanth Prabhu and Lions Club Clinic in San Pedro Sula for renewing cataract surgery contract-patients who cant be served by new (they select their own frame out of 18 new and attractive options) glasses receive cataract surgeries, where applicable.  I believe 300+ Hondurans already received cataract surgeries thanks to Vasanth.  This literally gives sight to the blind.  Thank God! for Dra Wasmanski and Matt Petlock who need to begin receiving hearing exams NOW! in order to deliver possibly 2000 more eye glasses in February.

Feb 14-21, 2018 FRESH WATER projects in TOCOA: as a follow up to 8/24/18 email, subsequent Billy & Tesla King's August 27 trip to TOCOA, the wonderful success of TOCOA ROTARY and Barbara and Edwin Belons (who will be joining us in February!) well project that currently provides bacteria free water to a community of 1500; we would like to donate $3500 to establish at least 1 and hopefully more wells sites.  We simply want to follow the successful guidelines established by Edwin and Barbara and complete the new well projects in a faster time frame with willing and committed partners.

Feb 14-21, 2019 GIFT OF SOUND
: Angela "the Angel of Tegucigalpa" Ardon: thank you! for attending my daughter Laurens Pennsylvania wedding Dec 22, 2018.  You are my younger sister which makes you Laurens aunt:)  Please dont hesitate to instruct us on how to prepare for upcoming STARKEY GIFT OF SOUND to San Pedro Sula area.  We will serve you and Starkey Foundation in any way we can.  Should we coordinate testing during our upcoming February trip?

Feb 14-21, 2019 FREE ORAL SURGERY?: Our best friend Dr. Steve Solfanelli shared some great news (while in my opinion he had his left foot on my forehead and both hands on an old pair of pliers yanking a good molar out of this handsome mouth) that he will be joining us in February!  He may be a surgeon or a mason-updates to follow.

January 31, 2019 THURSDAY 7p.m. at Wilkes Barre TGIFridays (880 Kidder St.) usual back room.  Ill email prior and bring: meeting itinerary, updated volunteer list w/assignments, daily in-country itinerary, beer money, checked in donation bag assignments, and more.

Im personally recruiting Dunmore master mason Mr. Pete  (owns famous Calabrias restaurant-the best sauce in the world without hesitation!..at least we will eat well).  Im simply using this email, 1 page OH brochure attached, and contacting local churches, clubs, newspapers including Dunmorean, to get volunteers.

$10,000 donation gets NAMING RIGHTS FOR THE SCHOOL for 5 years.  We will fasten a beautiful plaque like we did on almost every building.  Donors will also be recognized on a paver, or PLAY AREA, or other.  Our hosts emailed a detailed list of materials needed, available upon request.  A donor may want to purchase steel for the roof, blocks, or other items.  Per attached brochure, please make tax deductible donations payable to "WYOMING VALLEY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH"..memo "building materials" or "GIFT OF SIGHT" or other.  As always, 100% of donations go to designated project-ALL misc. or administrative fees are donated by traveling volunteers.

and mail to

Operation Honduras/Jim Davenport
201 Bear Creek Blvd.-Suite A
Plains Twp., PA  18702.

Matt Petlock will add credit card and PAYPAL friendly ways to donate on our operationhonduras.com website.  Please share with family & friends and ANYBODY who wants to give the GIFT OF SIGHT, SOUND, and or LEARNING thru a school that serves the poorest of the poor

Other recognition of donations will include: LARGE 4'x8' BANNERS:

a) maybe: "ROTARY DISTRICT 7410 SPONSORS THE GIFT OF SIGHT TO CONCEPCION" for a modest $3000 donation for 300 people
b) $4,000 TOCOA, ..400..
c) $4,000 SAN PEDRO SULA 400
d) $5000 TEGUCIGALPA..900?

ANGEL SPONSORS $500 AND UP could include:
e) $4000 "Lions Club of Northeast PA sponsors THE GIFT OF SOUND to SAN PEDRO SULA"

-banners for our best friends at ESSILOR FOUNDATION and CAPRI OPTICS will be at each site.

This email is a follow up to emails sent 8/10/18 & 8/24/18.

Come join us in February!  Build a school for beautiful kids, Give sight to the blind, Give sound to the deaf, Give urself this trip as maybe the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!  Our Rotary District 7410 Governor Roger Mattes told me after his first trip to Honduras: "it changed my life!".

Merry Christmas my friends!
 Yours in Service,
Jim Davenport
Operation Honduras



gift of sound

DONATE:used hearing aids (Starkey credits OH account for each used aid received), anti inflammatory medications; adult & children, tablets & suspension (acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen); cough suppressants; nasal decongestants; ascorbic acid;calcium;ferrous sulfate & folic acid. Donations are hand delivered to Ruth Paz Clinic.

CONTRIBUTE: (financially) to Wyoming Valley Presbyterian Church, "WVPC

2 Lockhart St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703; please memo check “Operation Honduras-Airfare Fund” or "Operation Honduras Material Fund”.

**Above donations go directly to materials or airfare-there are no administrative fees**

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