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VOLUNTEER:You will need to budget an estimated $1100.00 plus miscellaneous costs associated with passport, vaccinations, etc



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Operation Honduras is a group of Northeast Pennsylvania volunteers who travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, annually.The week long annual trips are dedicated to improving the quality of life of orphans and other people living in that area. Success of the trips is made possible through the help of in-country volunteers. Generous sponsors of this group include: local churches; including Wyoming Valley Presbyterian Church, Church of Christ Uniting, local clubs including Rotary, and many individuals. Volunteers regularly travel to the work sites prior to main group arrival for planning purposes.


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James Davenport

Operation Honduras .


gift of sound

Our GIFT OF SOUND to HONDURAS dates are confirmed!  Approximately 1,500 of the poorest of the poor will be fitted with free hearing aids in Tegucigalpa:
Tuesday October 9
Wednesday October 10
Thursday October 11
Friday October 12

Saturday October 13 we plan to entertain the generous STARKEY FOUNDATION sponsors at the beach or a coffee plantation; maybe visit beautiful children at local orphanages who can now HEAR thanks in part to them!  We will do whatever these kind people want.

I plan to arrive October 7 or 8 and depart October 14.

We thank God for Angela AGAIN!  And our cup truly overflows:

i) OH's John Prokopchak, Matthew Petlock, Vasanth & John Griffiths responded IMMEDIATELY to below request for help with most generous donations; Christof emailed me he will be with us in Teguc, at our greatest time of need, as he always is.

ii)STARKEY is already asking us to host another event "in San Pedro Sula next year"-our best friends at TOCOA ROTARY ( Sergio Martinez) , Clinica Esparanza (Peggy Stranges), Manos Amigos (Mike Tysowski), Clinica Teleton, CAMO and more: we thank God you did not give up hope for the GIFT OF SOUND to return!  Preparation for the 2019 SPS event will likely be another project we undertake during our February 14-21, 2019 mission trip.  Starkey now delivers stock molds with hearing aids eliminating the need for us to take individual patient molds-only exams; this saves a lot of time.  Angela is OUR BOSS and will be asked to lead us in San Pedro Sula in February 2019 to make sure we follow all Starkey's good guidelines.

iii) Angela emailed me this morning a picture of a boy who was able to learn to read thanks to OH provided eye glasses.  Dra Wasmanski, Dr Carlos Zelaya, Angela, Vasanth, Dr Carlos Zelaya, Matthew Petlock, Johnny Proko, Capri Optics, Essilor Foundation & all OH volunteers...please REJOICE! You provided almost 4,000 patients with the GIFT OF SIGHT-this means there are 3,999 other stories like his. Our October event will permit us to prepare a large GOS BANNER thanking STARKEY FOUNDATION and sponsors for their inspiration; we hold out hope that our small 'footprint' GOS program could some how follow STARKEY throughout Central and S. America, including Vasanths Brazil, and possibly more.

iv) WE NEED HELP; per below PLEASE DONATE AND FIND DONORS.  You can donate materials for delivery-anything and everything helps. 'ode to joy flash mob'; sinners like me..a singer who couldnt carry a tune with a handle on it, listen to music like this and think only..that its Gods music and cant believe a man could write it..THE GIFT OF SOUND brings this world to the poorest of the poor...1500 of them; we are lucky volunteers!

Yours in Service,

Jim Davenport
Operation Honduras
201 Bear Creek Blvd.-Suite A
Plains Twp., PA  18702

DONATE:used hearing aids (Starkey credits OH account for each used aid received), anti inflammatory medications; adult & children, tablets & suspension (acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen); cough suppressants; nasal decongestants; ascorbic acid;calcium;ferrous sulfate & folic acid. Donations are hand delivered to Ruth Paz Clinic.


Operation Honduras

CONTRIBUTE: (financially) to Wyoming Valley Presbyterian Church, "WVPC

2 Lockhart St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703; please memo check “Operation Honduras-Airfare Fund” or "Operation Honduras Material Fund”.

**Above donations go directly to materials or airfare-there are no administrative fees**