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DONATE:used hearing aids (Starkey credits OH account for each used aid received), anti inflammatory medications; adult & children, tablets & suspension (acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen); cough suppressants; nasal decongestants; ascorbic acid;calcium;ferrous sulfate & folic acid. Donations are hand delivered to Ruth Paz Clinic.

James Davenport

Operation Honduras .



CONTRIBUTE: (financially) to Wyoming Valley Presbyterian Church, "WVPC

2 Lockhart St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703; please memo check “Operation Honduras-Airfare Fund” or "Operation Honduras Material Fund”.

**Above donations go directly to materials or airfare-there are no administrative fees**

VOLUNTEER:You will need to budget an estimated $1100.00 plus miscellaneous costs associated with passport, vaccinations, etc


Operation Honduras is a group of Northeast Pennsylvania volunteers who travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, annually.The week long annual trips are dedicated to improving the quality of life of orphans and other people living in that area. Success of the trips is made possible through the help of in-country volunteers. Generous sponsors of this group include: local churches; including Wyoming Valley Presbyterian Church, Church of Christ Uniting, local clubs including Rotary, and many individuals. Volunteers regularly travel to the work sites prior to main group arrival for planning purposes.

Operation Honduras "OH" Volunteers & Supporters:

February 11-18 2021 is on! way or the other :) WHITE GIFT to the poorest of the poor

Operation Honduras "OH" Volunteers and Supporters:


We have good news in these tough times. 

OH February 11-18, 2021 is still on!-one way or the other :)  

The need in Honduras is just too great to stop, our best friends/OH in-country partners are just too good.  OH volunteers may host our Honduran volunteers in the Miami area in February for training and subsequent delivery purposes and or a very small number of OH vaccinated volunteers may travel there; we will see. 
My wonderful daughter Lauren and OH MVP Rick Hill do not like long emails!  So this is OH 2021 lucky 7 WHITE GIFT to the poorest of the poor Hondurans synopsis:   

 OH GIFT #                                    DESCRIPTION                    COST (each)

1                                                    reading glasses                    $0.50

2                                                    prescription eye glasses        $25 

3                                                    cataract surgery (1 eye)        $100

4)                                                   GIFT OF SOUND                  $200 (2 hearing aids)

5)                                                  tele-medicine/ZOOM KIT      $1000

6)                                                    El Refugio FOOD BANK   $1000

7)                                                    Pagoda Uniforms                $1000 (1 classroom)

Lauren & Rick: yes..Honduran friends have volunteered to meet us in Miami in February for tech training/hearing aid & eye glasses & ZOOM kit pick up etc..  If I am able to meet them in Miami personally...everybody is invited to join us and I will take EVERYBODY deep sea fishing in Key Largo :)  In the unlikely event the vaccine is out, and we all feel safe, we will personally travel to Teguc with all our donations and work with the Angel there! 

Back to long version: 

OH personality has always been hands on.  Why change?  Since dozens of us will not be able to travel there and build a new school or clinic this year; dozens of us can build what we can and ship it WHITE GIFTS-a Christmas tradition in many churches, including mine, where members wrap simple gifts in similar/same white paper to give to those in need; its unknown which gift is expensive or modest.  The donor could be financially wealthy or with limited earned monies-like my 5 year old son Luke; its all in white.

Our Operation Honduras 2021 will take the form of WHITE GIFTS to the poorest of the poor.  Please find this email as a formal request to ROTARY CLUBS/CHURCHES/PRIVATE DONORS.  The OH WHITE GIFTS:

GIFT OF SIGHT: Thank God for Dr Vasanth Prabhu! who never let COVID stop his giving.  Please know as a direct result of his generosity/leadership another 50 Teguc patients (in addition to previous 400; 350sps + 50teguc) will receive free cataract surgeries.  This literally gives sight to the blind. Vasanth also donated 300 reading glasses that are being shipped for the first time thru our cataract clinics' shipper.  GIFT idea: donate $100 for 1 cataract surgery (1 eye). 

Thank God for Dra Wasmanski and Angela "the Angel of Tegucigalpa" Ardon for continuing a limited prescription eye glass event scheduled for 200 patients in Teguc-see picture below of Angela's team giving eye exams.testing-and another 100-200 thru Tocoa Rotary.  Patients pick their own frames out of 16 attractive optionsl This is in addition to the approx. 6000 Honduran patients already served. GIFT idea: donate $25 for 1 pair prescription eye glasses.

Reading glasses for Angela and Manos Amigos:  Following Vasanths leadership/good idea: OH wants to purchase and deliver 1000 reading glasses to Manos Amigos clinic (the same clinic we built a residential facility at-they also performed FREE complicated eye surgery on patients we found and directed to them) & Angela to distribute; 2000 total.  Gift idea: donate $0.50 for each pair of readers; aforementioned Luke has pledged $1.00 of his earned money, so far, to buy 2 pair-his mother is proud:)  Thank God Vasanth discovered Rotary's RESTORING VISION for this great value.  If Vasanths package arrives on a timely basis and safely; we found a new shipper! Otherwise, more suitcase donations.

GIFT OF SOUND: Thank God for Starkey!  Unfortunately, due to COVID, the Foundation is closed-they have no hearing aids to offer.  I received an email from our new best friend Mr.Owen Olende, Director, Starkey Global Intitiatives, offering us 80 older technology hearing aids for FREE + 120 brand new Starkey Z Series i110 BTE 13 hearing aids at a drastic discount of $100 each.  This is all due to the good prayers of the ANGEL! Im telling Starkey a WHITE GIFT CHRISTMAS YES!! to all and Thank God for you!.  The oldest of our now 100 GIFT OF SOUND 2021 patients (almost all patients need 2 hearing aids) will receive the older hearing aids.  If OH volunteers were receiving hearing aids-we would say the younger get the best and get them first-they need it the most.  Gift idea: donate $200 for 2 hearing aids; a needy Honduran patient could possibly hear his mothers voice for the first time in his life.  After seeing 14,000+ patients served thru OH (never get tired of typing that big number:) and thanks to Starkey, this is no exaggeration.  Picturing my 5 year old, these GIFT OF SOUND visual memories make me cry-all good.


We have a new "ZOOM TEAM"-Matt Petlock, Andrew "Im down for that" Davenport & Lauren Davenport who are developing tele-medicine friendly "ZOOM KITS" to be used for GIFT OF SIGHT & GIFT OF SOUND+ events.  We are 'confident' we can obtain below items at a total cost of $1000 or less; our team is THE BEST!  Each 'kit' will be comprised of:

 a) 3 special camera friendly computer tablets loaded with appropriate software allowing medical events to have 3 independent stations (or 3 camera angles)

b) 3 tripods

c) 3 light sticks (in case additional lighting is needed)

d) "specialized camera" or equivalent....the camera we expect to be using for GIFT OF SOUND ONLY is:

3 in 1 USB Earpick Mini Camera Endoscope Ear Cleaning Tool HD Visual Ear Spoon

e) additional specialized cameras where available/requested  

f) access to OH ZOOM account and or instructions on how to open a private zoom account

We will have specific internet/WIFI minimum standards...and recommended in-country WIFI friendly locations (hotels?) ..and or hopefully some innovative answers permitting clinic location friendly service.  OH plans to donate TEN (10) of these kits to friends including but not limited to: TOCOA ROTARY, OH's Angel, El Refugio, Manos Amigos clinic and more.  This way we can host virtual GIFT OF SIGHT & GIFT OF SOUND+ events allowing sponsors to not just monitor the event but actually control/supervise services to each patient.  A gift idea: donate $1000 for a ZOOM tele-medicine kit.

Pagoda School Uniforms:  What a tradition they began!  We have an in-country uniform supplier that will attach a Rotary? or Church logo? on a uniform shirt along with respective school logo.  We print the logos locally and ship down.  Gift idea: donate $1000 for 1 classroom of OH school kids (a school built by OH) uniforms.

Christof/El Refugio: Our best friend Christof has shared heartfelt emails about the suffering in Honduras due to COVID.  They dont have a USA FED reserve who can pump stimulus.  He wisely suggested OH concentrates this year on follow up support for projects previously built.  His much loved El Refugio orphanage has remained COVID free & serves as a food bank to surrounding schools. OH volunteers (who dont want to be recognized) have wired monies directly to Christof to buy food, etc.  Gift idea: donate $1000 as an emergency food bank/medicine/other assistance to communities surrounding OH schools-like the school by the dam.

I guarantee my wonderful daughter Lauren has not read this far-Ill give her a 'lauren synopsis' above.
Wonderful volunteers/sponsors will wonder about miscellaneous shipping, peripheral equipment, labor, and many many other mission related $$$ fees.  No worries!  All donations are actual cost of gift only-associated fees are paid, as usual, by anonymous private donations.  We also offer for more than 23 years of 100% transparency.  There will be a ZOOM site where donors can actually watch the hearing aids being fitted (see the look on a patients face!), they eye glasses being worn, and possibly even Christof handing out needed supplies in a neighborhood.

 This makes sense.  We are all virtual these days.  Many of us are suffering with family losses unimaginable just a couple months ago.  And it seams at times we learn of others' suffering, good people, almost on a daily basis.  Vasanth was kind enough to call me the other day; we spoke plainly.  He inspired me to say simply 'Lets do some good!'  Lets celebrate Christmas!  Lets host the best OH event ever.


To make your WHITE GIFT/contribute financially; make checks payable to Wyoming Valley Presbyterian Church "WVPC", memo: <your gift> "GIFT OF SOUND-2 hearing aids" for example; or “Operation Honduras”. And mail your check to: Operation Honduras 201 Bear Creek Blvd-Suite A, Plains Twp., PA  18702. 100% of donations are applied as designated-there are no administration. fees. Physical donations can be given to a OH volunteer.  Feel free to email:; see our website: for ZOOM meeting and other updates.  You can call Jim Davenport (570) 970-0650 with questions or comments. ​

 Yours in Service,
Jim Davenport